One animal more equal than others; Li Wenliang’s Wailing Wall; June 4 and Hong Kong; sexual assault and power; nationalism and fake news
Wolf War engulfs Weibo cartoonists; AirTag engraving and other Bad Apple news
Population confusion; sensitive anniversaries; nationalists vs school death skeptics, feminists, and each other
“Did Hu Xijin change, or did the times?” Disguised bears; rockets and apologies; population decline and passive resistance
Doxers of Xi’s daughter sentenced; Wang Qishan speech and Oscars wins censored; Global Times martyr quits; census figures loom
Censorship around Oscars and “Screen Emperor” Wen Jiabao; serving vs. wielding the law in Hong Kong
Empathy for power, defending Xi, defaming others; scrambled eggs and South Park
April Fools; Xinjiang cotton and temperature control; Xi the Accelerator-in-chief
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